Wonderland Amusement Park – Wonderland, Montana
1916 - ?

Written by Jeffrey Stanton

Frederick S. Todd owner of the Todd Photo and Film Company of Livingstone, Montana purchased 164 acres in Wonderland, Montana to build a resort and amusement park. The location, just north of Yellowstone National Park was on the only auto road entrance to the national park, and was built on the hills overlooking the Yellowstone River.  A large hotel was built to accommodate summer guests and the company’s movie studios were built nearby.

Wonderland  Amusement  Park was allotted 30 acres and its roller coaster was situated on the top of the hill. There were a few other rides, and a zoo of wild animals. Its season ran from June 15th to Sept 20th, the end of the Yellowstone Park Season. It isn't known how long the park lasted.

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